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I have claimed the name R3N on github and set it up as an organisation. The purpose of this 'organisation' is to overcome the status quo on the rebol/rebol repository this community has been put in. In r3n the github repo of the REN-C repository has been cloned.
Graham Chiu and Giulio Lunati have been added as owners of the organisation.
Work on collecting R3 stuff has begun.
Making a start on

Documenting the Red development project:
This project is to help interested developers to quickly get on speed in the codebase.
All interested are invited to add to this project,so for example programmers with Linux background can help on the GTK3 branch.

Minor fixes:
- added /preserve refinement for load-dsv
- now support added for Red
- removed dependency on 7zip
- read-pdf now works on Mac / *nix
- write-excel now works on Mac / *nix

I started a place to collect Red scripts that the community members might like to share with others, a bit like it is
Together with it comes a place to collect valuable documentation for cooperating on the yet unexplored territories like 64 bit and GC. Also there is a fork to host cooperation of community members that want to work on these things without disturbing the official branch.
All comes with a own gitter chat room

Google gives new users on their cloud service USD300 credit which is enough to run a couple of VMs for a year.  Here's a short HOWTO on how to setup CGI on a Google Compute instance.  Any errors are my own and fixes/suggestions appreciated.

AWS is free for 1 year too.
I dont know if it s the right place but i m searching after any trial of a integrated voting machine based on the blockchaine (any type of : ethereum or bitcoin).  Is there any open sourced code implemented in any version of Rebol ?
Not the right place .. this is announce.  Use announce reply to anothe channel.  and there is no blockchain code that is open for Rebol*
Thanks Graham
if anybody has the ambition to build one :)

Prot-smtp.reb is now working sufficiently to send secure email via and on port 465  See
import <smtp>
do <send>
send "Come back home, all is forgiven!"

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