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It doesn't work for me:
>> lib
== %libGLESv2.dll
>> lib-path
== %/C/Programs/rebol
>> exists? lib-path/:lib
== true
>> gles32-lib: load/library lib-path/:lib
** Access Error: Cannot open /C/Programs/rebol/libGLESv2.dll as library
** Near: gles32-lib: load/library lib-path/:lib

Rebol [2019] Talks are now online:
Thanks to Brian for organising and editing the recordings!

I suppose I am showing my age by not being able to figure out how to use github, but because of my age I don't care.  For the past few years I have been saving any bits of code I have written that might be of use to others, and storing them in the "free stuff" area of where others can download them if they find them helpful.  In a few months I will be entering the Age Of Fixed Income and will have less access to reasons to write REBOL code.  Since my collection will become more static (as will I), I have copied the useful stuff to a github account called "cobolrebol" where they will remain in perpetuity, to be stumbled upon by some future programmer who will wonder, "What is all this stuff?"  REBOL is dead.  Long live REBOL.

SWhite - I am 1.5 decades away (at the earliest) from retirement. I've been pondering what to do when I do retire. I think I'll put more time into my innumerable hobbies, one of which is programming. Even though I program mostly for work, there are some home-based projects I'd like to do as well.
I also haven't put in the effort to figure out github. I'd rather build my own system that is as simple as possible and meets my needs.

One of the presenters at the aforementioned Rebol [2019] Talks was a Brian Otto who showed his UI Builder. It's quite cool. (direct link). If you're into WASM, check it out. Brian Dickens did a great editing job on these videos, by the way. Very watchable.

Not sure how many here know about NLPP, which is a Non-Linear Performance Pricing tool written in REBOL. We just got a new partner. You may have heard of them:
I have talked with Robert at Amiga 30 in Amsterdam and I have also met him in Germany. I know his product without having seen. It is nice you are reaching the top level industries.
Ooops... I am not on ann-reply ! Going there!

Added a new function maker for Rebol2 to The link is
For those using the ALSO function: this is a significantly different and much more automatic and complete method how to achieve a similar effect, in my opinion.

I released a new version of my Rebol branch today -->

I updated Changelog and updated documentation is in the include.html file.
Testing and bug reports are welcome.

Another update of : add a #paren directive for the preprocessor to be able to preprocess parens on demand.

It's now possible to install my Rebol3 fork from Chocolatey package manager on Windows


For those who don't follow Red on Gitter, our commercial arm (Redlake) has released its first commercial product:


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