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One of the presenters at the aforementioned Rebol [2019] Talks was a Brian Otto who showed his UI Builder. It's quite cool. (direct link). If you're into WASM, check it out. Brian Dickens did a great editing job on these videos, by the way. Very watchable.

Not sure how many here know about NLPP, which is a Non-Linear Performance Pricing tool written in REBOL. We just got a new partner. You may have heard of them:
I have talked with Robert at Amiga 30 in Amsterdam and I have also met him in Germany. I know his product without having seen. It is nice you are reaching the top level industries.
Ooops... I am not on ann-reply ! Going there!

Added a new function maker for Rebol2 to The link is
For those using the ALSO function: this is a significantly different and much more automatic and complete method how to achieve a similar effect, in my opinion.

I released a new version of my Rebol branch today -->

I updated Changelog and updated documentation is in the include.html file.
Testing and bug reports are welcome.

Another update of : add a #paren directive for the preprocessor to be able to preprocess parens on demand.

It's now possible to install my Rebol3 fork from Chocolatey package manager on Windows

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