AltME: Announce


There is now also my Rebol3 available as a Docker container:
The smallest Alpine version is now at 3.2MB (compressed), which is probably the smallest available Linux distro with Rebol3 included.

So my new build system is public now and first Rebol builds made using GitHub actions:
Still a lot of work to be done. Anyway.. the system is not meant to be used only on Rebol... I was using some its predecessors to build other projects too... but Rebol is a little bit different with its high use of generated code.

There is a new version of my Rebol version.. now it's here:
Here is for example successful workflow for making all current Rebol variants for Alpine Linux:

REBOL on Atari 2600:

Red GUI provides the native OS gfx elements. But there are cases, where custom widgets might be a better fit. Welcome Red Spaces, a prototype library of a cross-platform draw based widgets ....


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