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Thanks! You like it?
The face is done with the R3/Draw dialect.
yeah, its really cool  :-)
But is it still cool at $190 plus shipping? That's what all the components cost.
Part list:
(2) Metal gear micro servos (ankles)
(2) Light duty micro servos (hips)
(1) 8-channel servo controller
(1) ODROID-C1+ single-board computer
(1) 3.2" C1 Touchscreen
(1) LiPo battery controller and 3000mAh battery
(1) 8GB microSD card with Ubuntu 14.04 and robot controller software
(1) 2.4GHz WiFi antenna
(2) 3D-printed feet - various colors available ($3 each)
(2) 3D-printed ankles - various colors available ($1 each)
(1) 3D-printed pelvis - various colors available ($3)
If you want to help with making it better (software or hardware wise), I'll be happy to ship you one for $40 off (contributor/beta-tester discount). :-)
other low volume kits are similarly priced AFAIK.
if you can leverageéimprove the "you can tweak it" and add some screen using features (feedback on the touch so it giggles, things like that... its definitely still cool.
it is a high-end gift / toy, but its definitely geek fare  :-)
leverageéimprove == leverage/improve
you may find ways to increase / decrease the prices  with options  (better/worse) components (a remote streamed camera would definitely be cool  :-)
Oops. I forgot to include the cost of the sound module (USB sound device + amplifier + speaker):
(1) USB Audio Device
(1) 3W Stereo Amplifier
(1) 2W Speaker
$11.85 for the above three items bringing the grand total to $202.15. But I'll give any Rebollers $45 off the full kit.

Bo: Very nice! Do you ship to China?
Sure! ships to China every week. But we get more shipments from China than we ship to China. :-)
maybe you can use other people's HW to reduce your costs...
stuff like this should be pretty reusable:
Thank you Oldes
Maxim, regarding FF issue, it's not my problem.. it's not my demo code.. it's just a demonstration how it can look like with different styles. I'm not going any crossbrowser programming:)
oldes, in what browser have you made it work?   I can switch from default to nothin and back... so clearly its work, its just that the other styles don't seem to have any actual css attached to them.
Maxim, that's an idea, but I haven't found another platform that is as expressive as the one I created. Or as powerful for the price. Seriously, it's as powerful as a desktop computer from a few years ago, but tiny and mobile. It can run a db server, web server, video conferencing software, etc.
I mainly meant that maybe you can use some of their HW (legs, head, servos, fixtures, cameras, etc.) in your offering, basically just make your software compatible with their HW and then you can just say as much in your marketing and refer to their stuff if its cheaper, easier to increase offering quickly.
in terms of the SoC you are using, for the price, it really is the best one for the price (I checked with a friend yesterday, couldn't find anything really better).. the only other system which might have something a bit more are some cards have a SATA connector... and for me that can be a big deal, when connecting with an SSD I can practically use it as RAM using extra swap in the OS.
one question... is the microSD controler a good one?  does it allow full bandwith of the spec (I've seen mSD cards going up to 100MB/s read and 50MB/s write)
same question for the USB/2/3
Interesting ideas.
The C1/C1+ doesn't have USB3, but the USB2 is as fast as any other computer. The microSD is better than the one on other SBCs and can fully support UHS-1 while most others can only support up to Class 10. But better yet is the eMMC controller which is akin to SSD memory, but in a smaller form factor. It allows read/write speeds that are much faster and is much more durable than microSD. However, I probably wouldn't recommend using any SSD or eMMC memory for swapping as there are a relatively low finite number of cycles that the flash memory can sustain. Even the SBCs with a SATA controller can't generally push anywhere near the speeds that a standard computer can due to limited bus speeds.
You can see some charts showing real-world speed comparisons under the main image on this page:

Bo, I wish I had more time to play with that.  Really great!

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