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Hi Maxim, yes I know, they will not remove it. I put it up as a joke on one side, but with the serious thought that without that  resource there would not be this block to go forward.
1) Why is it block? 2) What is the way forward?
I like your counting Ladislav. The community is again cought with hands tied behind the back.
Rebolek it is blocking because it is there and it  has still good arguments to be the one and official distro. 2) I don't know exactly, I am not the person to decide, (not that good to make significant cotributions to the code) the community has to get together and reach an agreement. If other communities can than this one should certainly be able to do.
The way forward is to get the ball rolling. Even if it means integrating the Saphir and Atronix solutions to the Ren/C and or creating a complete new repo and integrate the progress from all others.
In any case try to escape this standoff.
What did happen to Earl? Nothing serious I hope? Hope he will be able to return his assignment, or pass it on to a committee of at least three persons.
New repo - whos going to maintain it? Is there anyone willing to do it?
Integrating to Ren/C - Ren/C is not Rebol, it's different language. I'm interested in Rebol solution.
Best thing is to express urgency toward earl and Carl to assign a new committee, preferably with a agreed recommendation of maintainers. Who would you like to see in this group?
Its not about who I'd like to see. I wonder if there's anyone who's willing to do it.
Anyway, I want to see someone with deep understanding of Rebol and with enough experience. Someone, who understands why things are done in a way they are done.
You qualify!?! :-D
Definitely not. My understanding of Rebol internals is pretty shallow.
But you do know a lot what makes Rebol, how it behaves or should behave. And you have plenty of time to do it, for you are regularly discussion matters on SO chat anyway.
As long as you know that I am kidding you now.. But almost everybody is as modest about this. So I don't expect a lot of people to step up for the task.

Regarding the alleged documentation about using REBOL on fixed-format data files, I assisted recently with converting some databases from one system to another, and that involved a couple hundred programs for extracting and comparing data from various sources.  I did not want to leave behind a pile of undocumented code for others to deal with, so I tried to write up the general ideas of working with such files, and as long as I did that, I put it on the internet in case it helps anyone else.
That's nice, Steven
I use Prolific.  
We are wrapping up testing on a local app we call SmartShre, which runs on Win/Mac/Lin.  It is not Rebol sadly, but one day, might convert the Python to Red. It will be made Open Source.
We are also updating QuickShot (screen capture with automatic save to project feature) which was written by Maxim, works great, just needs some dusting off.  that is 100% Rebol, and will be submitted to Open Source as well.
Once we get the basic SmartShare plaform solid, I want to add (after 30 years of wanting this) a set of featurs that REALLY handles back ups the way I want them to be.  Which is "See this mediua here, this CD, copy it, and everything about it to the cloud, and when I want it back, I can even reconstruct the CD if I need to).
I still use quickshot all the time  :-)
in fact, I`ve got it in the system tray right now  ;-)

Cool. :)
@SWhite, you can use parse instead of many copy/part at .... when dealing with fixed length data
as in
parse/all "abcdefghijklmn" [copy a to 2 copy b to 5 copy c 3 skip  copy d to end ]  
>> probe reduce [a b c d]                                                            
["a" "bcd" "efg" "hijklmn"]
@SWhite: nice analyse and documentation.
But it does not show well the power of rebol syntax IMO.
ie: the SPACEFILL function is quite long in code,  slow and eat memory for what it does.
This one does the same thing :
    fillcut: func [txt len] [head insert/dup tail copy/part txt len " " max 0 len - length? txt]
It's not as readable for beginners, but is a nice example of oneliner.

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