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It would be nice to see its source code, but no hurry, I'll wait for github. Very nice app by the way.
Tthanks.  Maxim did a great job first time round.  Celeste jumped right in.
Our goal was simple:  
1 Get it working and with an installer (bloody Windows).
2. get source out on GitHub
3. hope it is easy to port to Mac/Linux
then...................................... upgrade it to version 2 - which is to say, take requests and make it much smarter and more fun to use.
So we are now working on 2 :)

Does quickshot also allow to obfuscate certain areas of the screenshot?
Indeed!  you can blur as many places as you like, and control how much blur.

Some remarks:
- I missed the scrollbars to scroll the taken picture
- Why do you need to Login? this is confusing
- I could not make a screenshot of a selected window (Alt + Prt Scr)
- I could blur using blurboxes, but could not find where to set the blur effect stronger or weaker.
And something positive to end my 'review' :-)
Screenshot does have a fresh look and feel about it.
I could help making a installer for Windows, I've used Inno Setup for several years.
Endo: The installer seems to already be completed and working.

- You shouldn't need scroll bars, since by default the whole page moves around.  (although I think we can tweak this to offer a PIP to help here)  Being able to just  slide the apage around makes marking it up super fast.
- The purpose of QuickShot is to take a pick, and upload it to Prolific.  So you need to log in once (remember your name/password) so it can talk to teh server.
- All related screen shot issues on your computer are an OS issue, but I would like to get to the bottom of it.  What OS are you using?  Take a look at this
- Mouse center wheel blurs,  you will notice hot tips at the bottom of the page.  On my trackpad, I can also blur with two fingers on pad.  But again, agreed, we need to make the clearer.
The features are designed for speed when processing a lot of images, so in that sense it is like a race car.
This is on Win 7 Pro. I recently visited that page for I needed this information to help someone.
I need to  choose Edit  and then "Use Image From Clipboard" to see the new screenshot.
It should remember where I saved the previous image.
The size of the screenshot should be reset for a new screenshot.
- Shortcut - so, can you press [Alt] + [PrtSc] and get a copy of a window into your clipboard? (I'm asking this unrelated to QuickShot)  Because I'm assuming this has nothing to do with QuickShot.
- It does remember where it saved it, which would be in a Project.  Are you saying it does not do that?
- Resize - This is an interesting issue, which we have not decided on yet.  It does need a graceful solution.  But again, this is a screen capture utility for bug testing for example.  So most people doing this set it up, and want everything to stay the same.  Perhaps we will at least offer a "Reset [Yes] [No]"
- shortcut Yes
- indeed second screen captured wanted to save in the quickshot dir again
- Resize I can imagine that feature to be very pleasant for recurring capturing of almost identical situations.
I decided to go back to FSCapture. I like the features that offers for editing and mainly to quickly select relative part of the screen and using ctrl-C copy pasting it into a (Word) document. This way I collect the screenshots in a sequence and add comments in between too.
When I select "Autostart with Windows" QS starts and immediately capture the screen into clipboard.
It might be better to give a parameter to not capture the screen during the startup.

- Shortcut - So I'm still a little confused.  You're saying, you 'can' get the window into the clipboard, but that hen you try to paste that (using control+v for example) into QuickShot that does not work?  No one we know runs Windows 7 these days, but we will try to test this.
- Save location - We will triple check this.
- Good points about a single doc with many images.  Just so you know, I want this as well, but not in a Word doc (since, well, who the hell wants a word doc)  this is the future direction of QuickShot.
Endo - Noted, it will be done.
Shortcut. I take a screenshot <Alt>-<Prt Scr> and that is then present in the clipboard and I have to actively import it into the Quickshot app by using the menu like described.
Could be any document capable of presenting multiple images, just beware that lots of Windows users will use Word too. Those can be paying customers. Paying? Oh forgot the app is free ;-)

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