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Ashely, what version of R3?
Excuse my typo, and Seperated  => Separated
Graham, good question. Can we test on R3N?
Ashley, about delimiter separated values, can there be other values chosen/used next to TAB and comma?
@Ashley, nevermind it was not in the linked page but in the general info about munge.
Thanks Ashley!

Atronix R3 (64-bit).

value?: :set? and it loads under ren-c.
Is there a test suite so I can see if it all works?
It containes:
- test.accdb
- test.pdf
- test.r
- test.xlsx
In addition to this you'll need to (on Windows):
- Install for OLEDB
- pdftotext from
- have SQL Server installed, plus the SQLCMD utility
- edit test.r to set sn and db correctly
To run, just start a Redbol console, cd to the folder with munge3.r and the above files in it, and do %test.r
Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for the update Graham.
Ashley, Great !!

Very very impressive Ashley!

Thanks for still supporting R2 Ashley!
Great work!

It is a huge work Chris! Thanks a lot!
Why did you need to overwrite PUT action? Wouldn't be better to put it in rgchris.markup object?
Thanks Chris! I think Bolek has an XML parser as well. We'll have to compare and, with luck, they can be result-format compatible.
Also, I'm going to use "untimely-end" in every program I can now. :^)
Also, really nice use of macros for compatibility.
Endo--it's a hybrid script, there's no PUT in Rebol 3/Ren-C so needed to approximate. Note that the macro clears out the assignment so it doesn't actually overwrite PUT in Red.
GreggÑI initially went with 'premature' which just didn't quite fit...
Gregg--I see it as a useful feature to quickly bridge the gap between languages initially. Optimization will likely have to happen separately.
it = macros...

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