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@Ashley, nevermind it was not in the linked page but in the general info about munge.
Thanks Ashley!

Atronix R3 (64-bit).

value?: :set? and it loads under ren-c.
Is there a test suite so I can see if it all works?
It containes:
- test.accdb
- test.pdf
- test.r
- test.xlsx
In addition to this you'll need to (on Windows):
- Install for OLEDB
- pdftotext from
- have SQL Server installed, plus the SQLCMD utility
- edit test.r to set sn and db correctly
To run, just start a Redbol console, cd to the folder with munge3.r and the above files in it, and do %test.r
Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for the update Graham.
Ashley, Great !!

Very very impressive Ashley!

Thanks for still supporting R2 Ashley!
Great work!

It is a huge work Chris! Thanks a lot!
Why did you need to overwrite PUT action? Wouldn't be better to put it in rgchris.markup object?
Thanks Chris! I think Bolek has an XML parser as well. We'll have to compare and, with luck, they can be result-format compatible.
Also, I'm going to use "untimely-end" in every program I can now. :^)
Also, really nice use of macros for compatibility.
Endo--it's a hybrid script, there's no PUT in Rebol 3/Ren-C so needed to approximate. Note that the macro clears out the assignment so it doesn't actually overwrite PUT in Red.
GreggÑI initially went with 'premature' which just didn't quite fit...
Gregg--I see it as a useful feature to quickly bridge the gap between languages initially. Optimization will likely have to happen separately.
it = macros...

Very good work Chris!

Gregg, Chris, I do, its available on my Github. Its called XML, but actually it implements lot of HTML
^^^ some of HTML quirks, to be able to parse various websites. There is also in same repo, that implements some nice functions to make it easy to import HTML data (like tables) to Red (or Rebol, if someone is willing to port it).

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