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Out of the box, Boron has some bindings with Qt and OpenGL, that don't work on Syllable
And as the Enlightenment article says, the widget set hasn't been ported to Syllable Desktop yet

I'm now logged in on Syllable Server, with X11 built on top of it
We've done that for two years now, but that was on our in-house Syllable Workstation, Syllable Server with GoboLinux transplanted on top of it. Now I'm running on pure Syllable Server, with X built from source
That cleans up a lot of problems with the GoboLinux integration, so it is becoming production ready
On the other hand, I've just spent the equivalent of a full work week just to get the legacy fonts in X that R2/View needs
Depends on how much time it took you to do it.
The equivalent of a full work week
That means three days for me

I've got the Enlightenment stack running on X now, up to the widget set
That was a lot easier than View. It's currently a very minimal X configuration
I've got GTK 2 built from source running on X now, but GTK 3 bombs out

Now I've got Qt running on X. That didn't work in the GoboLinux mix
I already had Qt running before in embedded mode on the Linux framebuffer

I've set up a new wiki for Syllable, running on Fossil:

For those who have been clamouring for a Syllable installation video in the past, we finally made one, on our SylCon summer conference yesterday:

Kaj, do you happen to have a VMware image for version 0.6.7? I only saw 0.6.6 posted.
btw, is the Enlightenment engine part of the latest binaries now?
No, we haven't had time to make emulator images for 0.6.7 yet. The Enlightenment port isn't published in binary yet, but you could compile it with the Syllable build system

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