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If I set up the link to the web host from the ME area, does that become available to the collaborator? (don't want it to)
Looks like a sensible setup.
No, if you link from ME to HOST, that doesn't become available to COLLABORATOR.



Does anyone know how I can pre-process an Apache2 configuration and store it in a single file?
No, but don't try to use any GPL licenced tools to do it ... (ba dump bump)
(or something like that)
Not sure exactly what you mean Robert. I've written tools to generate Apache configs, if that's along the lines of what you're doing.

Evgeniy Philippov
To start some new discussions, 1) I like Squeak/Pharo Smalltalk's AIDA/Seaside systems. Hope to to practice them in realworld soon (creating a community site)... 2) I'm coding a new Oberon system  which will be able to do one of the following at once: a) interpret oberon b) translate oberon to x86 machine code c) translate oberon to javascript. This is a very long-term project, but I get excellent support from the community, and am actually making good progress. Current oberon project status is c++ sourcecode-based ssystem interprets oberon, interpreter has many temporary stubs.
The license for oberon project is GPLv3 or later.

has anyone tried to "signup with google" at rebol based web-app?
they find vulnerabilities in various oauth(2)/openid implementations that are used by many people, so writing my own to use it in production doesn't sound so good. writing for the receiving end of openid is simpler, but still.

Does anyone has a tip for a cheap service like:, etc.?
Robert, the only thing I've ever seen is  not sure if it fits what your idea of cheap is
Wait, guess it's more expensive.  Misread the pricing is free during beta  Haven't used it

Does anyone know about Wordpress themes that display code nicely?

Robert: depending on which part of those services is important to you. I have WIP analytics software that I so far only use internally and is not a typical webpage analytics (but conversion focused analytics). So it would at least fill one condition you are looking for. Cheap as I would give it to you for free, if you wouldn't heavily burden my server, and just compensating for expenses otherwise. But as I said it's not a polished all-round product yet (but has some special things others don't in case that would be what you also needed).

Janko, thanks. I signed up for GoSquared now. Going to see how it works out. Even I think it's more for realtime analytics of campaigns which require high-traffic. That's defenetly not what our site is about :-) but anyway, has a nice interface and is easy to use.

Today I went on the Saphirion's Website.
There seems to be something wrong in the config of the webserver as the .shtml pages appear as plain text source file !?
Tested on IE and FF on Windows7
So this is good :
But this is wrong :
Confirmed, on Opera on XP/Pro.

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