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Is that with Rebol 2 or 3 Bolek?
The most frustrating is, that the same file will throw different results. Right now I'm testing with small 3,5kB PNG file, sometimes I get full file, sometimes just few hundred bytes...there's no pattern what the result will be.
Are you sure that the PNG file you are reading is complete and not being overwritten at the source (like from a webcam)?
No, it's complete. It's file on local computer I made just for testing.
I see you posted a question on SO and it looks like there's an answer.

Yes, I'm going to try it, I hope it would work, seems like it should.
So it doesn't work for me. Reading no data from system/ports/input does not throw an error but waits for data forever (at least it looks like forever, it has been five minutes already so it's useless as an image uploader).
Have you tried checking the system timeout for network reads?

Where are bytes missing, only at the end or also middle in the image?
I'm pretty sure they are only missing at the end.

Yes, at the end. I will try putting some simple PHP uploader on the same server to make sure it's not Apache's fault and let you know about the results.

Just a note about the CGI/POST issue. I've checked with Reboek a bit  on that and it looks the CGI mode is not yet fully implemented in R3 nor tested  (there are some issues on  both Linux and Win platforms). Someone interested in that feature needs to fix that ;-)
To be precise, someone with interest in that feature AND C-knowledge :-)

Ladislav is currently under attack by a disruptive editor
Is anyone chatting with him to see why all the citation requests are being added?
Hi Ladislav, Is there any way I could help ?

He is a problematic editor, trying to delete large parts of articles he dislikes. In this case, the Rebol article is innocent. I think that he found out I edited the article and wanted to show me "who is the boss there".
Other than that, there are at least two editors needed to revert his edits when he makes undesirable changes.
Can't he be flagged as destructive and blocked to edit (at least) the Rebol pages?
My login code still works.

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