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Hi Ladislav, Is there any way I could help ?

He is a problematic editor, trying to delete large parts of articles he dislikes. In this case, the Rebol article is innocent. I think that he found out I edited the article and wanted to show me "who is the boss there".
Other than that, there are at least two editors needed to revert his edits when he makes undesirable changes.
Can't he be flagged as destructive and blocked to edit (at least) the Rebol pages?
My login code still works.
if it's clear vandalism and you can't fix it, please email and include the address or title of the article and a description of the issue.
Interesting. Using wikipedia to make a personal attack. I don't remember if I have creds, but let me know if I can help.

He has been subject to many investigations, just I filled two, but that had no effect on him until now.
Is it the same person as the vexercizer/timeseries guy?

Otherwise, people knowing just Perl, Lua and C++ will "improve" the article
Thanks Ladislav. Is the watchlist the best way to keep an eye on things?
Comments added.

Is anyone still around that understands ASYNC-MODES? I'm trying to put together a wee web server for local application use. My question:

You may want to use an existing one instead, the amount of issues that need work arounds with async modes is pretty big.
Also IIRC either my async:// or Romano's atcp:// work in server mode so you may want to use that instead.

Gab, was hoping to understand the basic premise, even if the caveats are muddy. I'd like to at least be able to say (to myself)--'this is the general idea, you might have trouble here, there, etc.'. While I have specific short-term goals for which my code is sufficient, I would like to have a more general appreciation of design choices even if ASYNC-MODES aren't destined for the next generation.
Also, I know you some influence in R3 ports--how much does the Rebol 3 port model reflect your ATCP/ASYNC experience?
ASYNC-MODES: 'Here be dragons!' : )
There were some nice materials in the Pity it is gone again. Maybe Bo could ask Carl, if he would be able to put it back online, so that we could w-get it to some different location?
Petr: if it was on the Wiki when it went down, then it'll be on this clone:
My question is more about motivation and influence than details though.

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