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Though this doesn't include examples of use with MySQL (don't know if you're planning to use a database).

What I want to do is code the server part of a Webservice. Probably REST one (seems simpler than SOAP).
I already have a site runs by R2 as CGI (with Magic from Olivier Auverlot as the base framework). MySql is the database.
There is a backoffice application running under Windows made with Windev.
Windev includes command for using REST webservices.
What I want is to code the client part in Windev and the server part with Rebol.
Does QM includes things for that ?

I have solved all of that.
But now, I need to interface my website with payment. That means HMAC digest and so on. R2 does not include the  ciphering I need.
I can't find any bindings for openssl library ! Does anybody has seen/done things like that ?
I think it's saffer than calling openssl command.

But R2 doesn't have sha256 whereas Ren-c does
I needed the hmac-256 for some amazon stuff

"But R2 doesn't have SHA256" so is my problem ;-)
Anyway thanks for the tips.

It is useless in my case. Thanks anyway.

Have any archive site has very few pages. Also interested in copies of other, more inaccessible resources. /sorry if wrong topic/
I have no archive... but Giuseppe recently posted this on Red's Gitter:
Some time ago I have asked Philippe Legoff of Rebol France group if he had backup of Rebol sites and materials like Rebol documentation project.
If anyone is interested, he has then re-published the sites doing a great work.
I am currently backupping them. If anyone is interested to this precious historical material, here are the pages: < a trial to unify all French rebolers in an association > < the Rebol Documentation Project backup > < the “Vieux Forum » (the first and oldest French forum about Rebol … since August 2001 … with Didec, and others ) >
Rebol documentation project contains also translation in french of many Rebol manuals and guides

Thanks! Perhaps it makes sense to collect documents and links to archives of all possible information here? (in checklists like in REBOL-gate)
Segey, I have links for everything but Rebol World is decaying and many sites are lost each month. It would be great to have a preservation project

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