However, AE? is transitive, and (while only exceptionally), sometimes you get FALSE from AE? A B even when A and B differ only by one ULP. This is inevitable for a transitive relation.
(I should have said: this is inevitable for a nontrivial transitive relation)
That seems very reasonable.
At present, there is only one difference between SAME? and STRICT-EQUAL? for decimals in Rebol3. It is this one:
>> strict-equal? 0.0 -0.0
== true
>> same? 0.0 -0.0
== false
The difference is caused by the fact that 0.0 and -0.0 have different binary representations.
>> to binary! 0.0
== #{0000000000000000}
>> to binary! -0.0
== #{8000000000000000}
So strict-equal? is more strict in R3 than R2.
That's good.

Hi all, as far as I know, Rebol is considered a high-level cross-platform language. For example, in Windows and in all GCC-compiled platforms it uses two's complement signed integers. I think that to be truly cross-platform, it should use two's complement signed integers on every platform. What do others think on this?
Note: currently, the two's complement signed integer representation is already tested by the core-tests, otherwise it is not enforced.

Please check the ~Humour (my apologies for misusing the group) and #Topaz for the discussion/poll related to undefined variables, #[datatype! unset!], etc.

@Reichart Will R4 be open sourced? I have PM ed with Bo about what I thought has to be done about R3.
As well Carl and Earl do not attend to the R3 repo so something has to be done.
In my plan at least 3 sourcekeepers must be assigned.
I think there should be at least three and 2 of three should support an update to have it accepted and if the other one disagrees this must be regarded as you win some you lose some. Good valid arguments will persuade for the better. Besides the 3 keepers, they need to know each others real name and physical address and emailaddress as well as a contactperson to call upon when there has been no contact for a longer period without given reason (holiday).
Any keeper must be replaced when no contact is made over a certain period of time.
That's sure better than your plan to abandon R3 repo totally.
I do not know who the lucky ones should be. But if other communities can get the ball rolling so should ours.
Thanks Rebolek!
Bo has agreed to talk to Carl about this.
Anyway, I'm afraid it's hard to find one person to do it, it would be much harder with three.
There is so much modesty around...
Well I no one else I will do it, but I need good advice.

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