I expected the volunteers to apply in big numbers now I threatened to be willing to help with that. ;-)
Arnold, I think you don't understand how Git works.  if you fork the R3 repo you have all of the repo.  there is no need to have access to the repo, you can build your own "official" repo, just like HF did with ren/C.  
the work is about attracting people to your project, if Carl isn't maintaining *his* copy of R3, then that copy is dead... you can work on yours (or another's) and hope it will be good enough to build a community around it.
No Maxim, I don't think you understand how this works. There can be a 100 forks, but there is only 1 that is regarded as leading. In our case that one is not maintained and therefor R3 is not maintained, there is no consensus between forks. Outsiders look at the repo and see it is dead as a dodo and so regard R3 not as a viable alternative.
R3 is dead, long live R4!
With the emphasis on long
yes, Rebol/R3 is dead in terms of development that is true.  Ren-C IS the currently active Rebol3 project.  that's just how it is.
It is doubtful that Carl would drop the R3 codebase to start from scratch again. I bet that R4 would be more like a re-branding of [R3 + something else].
Another option could also be a "specialized" R3 version for a given domain, like embedded devices.

We need a !REBOL4 Group!
And "we" need to take over control over the repo immediately.
If there is going to be any repo, maybe it is going to be closed source again :-)
If it is closed, in my opinion he better save the effort of creating it.
Why? I believe Carls has fun creating it. Isn't it good enough reason? :)

I'd like to show a window with a progress bar that show the progress of a download taking place and with a "Cancel" button to stop it  same as request-download. How can I do it in R3? I am able to create the window with widgets but don't know the net part, any hint?
>> yes, Rebol/R3 is dead in terms of development that is true.  Ren-C IS the currently active Rebol3 project.  that's just how it is
I disagree - we have the Atronix fork and that works pretty well. Good enough to bridge the gap until REDhas TCP and more UI backends
I'm actually using the Atronix version to build a distributed computing system, that runs across ARMv7, Win64, Lin64 (32 bit too, but whta's the case). Pet project, but fast enough dev time wise to be usable, and seems to "just work"
Ren-c.... I don't think that has a UI. So it's really R3/Core witout FFI

Does r3 on android allow to read write local files? I tried but I get an error.

What's the error?

access error: cannot open: %test.txt
reason -3

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