I think that's the important bit.

so this was implemented by ruby on rails
I've carried out ODBC testing now on Firebird 3.0, Interbase 2017 and DB2 Express edition.  They all have their quirks :(

@Ladislav are you doing any Rebol work at present?  We need an elliptic curve diffie-hellman key exchange implementation for r3 tls !
Using Curve25519 instead of the compromised NIST curves

Max (from !munge group re. Ren-C), aside from Atronix? For me: not quite--am still missing some key libraries that I'm working to replace (similar situation with Red). I would prefer that there's a stable branch with paced releases, but it is a better version of Rebol 3 than R3 Alpha. Working cross-codes (Red/Ren-C) on the HTML parser is fun (if you like that type of thing).
Say what you will about the character/conduct of the project lead (I know everyone has their opinion) there's a good infrastructure around the process--changes are reasoned/documented, edge builds are available to download automatically, any impulse on experimention is tempered by the conservative needs of Atronix, more of the core extensions (modules, help, interface) are being pushed to third parties.

I used Atronix R3 to parse 7 gig fs binaries for FAT table coherence on some returns for product returs since I needed more than 4 gig of 32-bit, and no problems. with it.

I wrote an answer here on how to get R3 to run on arm64-capable hardware running an arm64 OS (like the Rock64 or ODROID-C2 running Ubuntu for arm64) back on 21-Dec-2016. But I left out an important step. After adding the armhf architecture, make sure to run 'apt update'! Or it won't find the packages...
sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf
sudo apt update
sudo apt install libc6:armhf libncurses5:armhf libstdc++6:armhf
This should take care of the message "unable to execute ./r3: No such file or directory".
BTW, I have an armhf version of ./r3 that you can download on your device by the following:
Have fun!
Why would you want to run r3alpha when you can run ren-c?
Not sure what the limitations of ren-c are. Do you have to call it from a C program?
It's a superset of r3alpha but with the bugs removed!
And there's an armhf build available
There has been a version that can be linked into a C++ program but that's not currently available.
Graham, where could I find all the changes/fixing of REN-C ?
You would have to properly follow HostileFork. He changes concepts here or there, some changes seem to be fundamental, mostly low level, difficult to say. You can reach him at the Stack Overflow chat.
When Red reaches 0.7, I'm probably going to switch most of my development to that anyway.
@Guiseppe, there's a change log but I'm not sure if it's being maintained.

well, Cyphre was asking for $1500-$2000 to update Rebol3 TLS - I'm asking for at least TLS 1.2 and server side SSL.  And we now have half of that pledged.
If you wish to pledge, add your selves here

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