You cannot eat soup unless it is almost frozen, or cooked dry.... there is no spoon..
almost invented / discovered though :-)

You can now use shift-enter to enter multiline editing mode, and control-enter to evaluate switching back to single line mode.
Pretty cool!

That is cool Graham!

I have added RSA cryptography to my R3 fork... here is a test file, where one can see usage example:
The code is based on files from Atronix's fork, but with rewritten and modified Rebol part (with a different function definitions).

Ren-c now supports TLS 1.1 and 1.2
which is pretty important considering most of the sites I use have now switched to TLS 1.2 now :(

Some interesting stuff that came up while doing some market research:
Search Terms / Number of searches within US per month
"what is rebol" / 50
"rebol programming language" / 20
"rebol tutorial" / 20
"rebol 3" / 10

Maybe everyone knows about Rebol - so no need to search :)

This is the first app for Rebol in a browser.  It just calculates how much various companies would charge me for power use
So, it's a console app.  It can change the dom dynamically but I'm not doing that apart from printing to the console.

So, the Ren-c projected has now moved to a Rebol in the browser effort
So, those people who wanted to be manipulate the DOM using Rebol can now do this.
And, if you want to use R2 to do this, then you can use the R2 compatibiility mode for Ren-c

Is Ren-C currently able to run in the browser and manipulate the DOM? Or is that a future target?
Yes, it can manipulate the DOM now.  See my single page app above.
r2 backwards compatibility is a WIP again

Here's a rebol dialect driven GUI in the browser.  Rebol creates JS on the fly.

Renc now has a redbol dialect.  There's a version in the web browser - see
And it was used to create a pdf using pdf-maker.r

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