AltME: R3 Building and Porting


For discussion and debugging of the process of building R3 (in the compiler sense, not the development sense). Also, the same for porting R3 to new platforms, since getting the core to build on the platform is the first step of that.
If you have a request that R3 be ported to another platform, here's the place for it. You might want to keep in mind that iOS and Android have their own groups, but if you just want to get it to compile on their respective SDKs then this is the place :)
Better abbreviate the names of the !REBOL 3 * channels to !R3 * so the names fit in the navigation panel

Android and iOS.  How much of a bounty do I need to offer for R3 with GUI on Android?
That's a huge amount of work
Yes it is.  And worth it.
I'm hoping to nudge someone who's already considering taking it on.
I'm not particularly interested in it, except maybe as an extension of a Red/System port
NickA: during my private talks to Cyphre, he told me that if he would aproach the View engine nowadays, he would abstract it a bit, so that it could use various rendering backends - AGG, Cairo, so that where platform permits, it could be HW accelerated. But - such project would take some time, and Cyphre would have to be sponsored, in order to be able to do the work. I think, that it could be even written in a way, so that both R3 and Red benefit. But who knows ...
As for Red - no party is willing to port View engine, yet :-) Doc wants to aproach it other way - to use something like VID dialect, but final toolkit used would be the native platform one. Kaj did some example with Red/System + GTK, if I understand it correctly. I still think that even for Red, something like small View  engine would be benefical, e.g. for embedded work, where non traditional graphics is not a problem.
Dunno, how difficult would it be to get View sources adapted to Red/System. Red is missing on timers, events, etc., so maybe later, so that it can be naturally plugged in to its architecture ...
Thanks Pekr.  I spoke with Cyphre too - waiting to here if he's interested in being sponsored, and how much it would cost to make Android a priority.
here > hear
sounds good :-)
Btw.. with High Resolution Displays coming these days, the HW powered GUI is a must. The CPU rendering will be just for making high quality assets for GPU.,15329.html
with higher resolution displays, comes higher performant CPUs/GPUs. Tegra 4 announced, 4core A15 1.5 GHz + 1 A8 Core, 72 GPU cores .... I still think, that we did not utilise full power of AGG yet. Gee, View 1.x ran on my Pentium 75 machine ....
Has anyone tried compiling R3 for ARM Linux? This affects RPi, Android, and misc. micro-servers.
Yes.  TGD got it working on RPi.
I suppose that compiling for ARM depends on the particular ARM platform and instruction set.
To download a tarball of an executable REBOL 3.0 program for the Raspberry PI (build with Raspbian “wheezy” ) take a look at:
pi(at)raspberrypi ~/dev/r $ uname -a Linux raspberrypi 3.2.27+ #250 PREEMPT Thu Oct 18 19:03:02 BST 2012 armv6l GNU/Linux
pi(at)raspberrypi ~/dev/r $ ./r3
>> system/version
>> system/build
== 16-Dec-2012/13:13:11
>> system/product
== core

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