AltME: R3 Building and Porting


I had the r3 hostkit running as a dll with full host support... in fact, I was able to execute R3 scripts from within R2   :-)
obviously there was no sharing of info, only exchange of string data
so I'd use load/mold on the string from/to R3  ...
Are you answering the question?
I'm just saying that with the hostkit, you can execute or setup evaluating whatever you want however you want.
florin: yes, it's possible to include embedded modules or embedded extensions with R3. but it's not documented how to do so, at the moment, so you'll have to dig through the sources yourself.
for embedded modules, it could be as simple as dropping your module in src/mezz/, including its filename in src/mezz/boot-files.r and doing a full rebuild (including `prep`) after that. didn't try yet, though.
Florin, I wrote this about adding your own scheme
GrahamC: Wonderful, thanks.
That's what I did for my vanity builds for integrating the time and smtp schemes
see the vanity group here

Has anyone tried building R3 on Windows with CodeBlocks? I want to run R3 in debug mode, to track down native bugs.
I can also use VS2012 Pro, but it's less likely that someone has tried building on that. One can hope, of course.

Just so happens that I have a CB project file for the official source layout, if you want it. There's also a little change to make-make.r that you'll need t make for which he's made a pull request.
Sent you the file
btw, there's currently no difference between the release and debug targets - CB just builds the all target with whatever flags were there. We could change this to create distinct builds, obviously.
put the project file in the root of the project - sibling to the .git
"for which he's made a pull request" -> "for which Andreas has made a pull request"
Thanks. Andreas helped set me up with VS2012 builds. I'll get to CB later, I'm sure with the help of your project.

I'm trying to learn a little more about debugging to figure out what is happening with the TCP bug

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