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ok then... it seems like its part of the stdlib tree, so not much I can do to not include it..  we should just give it a new name within our codebase then. I checked and its only used  4 times in the complete code base... not a big issue to fix.
bug is 'qsort' : inconsistent dll linkage
basically a redecleration
I guess I'd just set    I_AM_QSORT_R   so that the ifdef in the code triggers and use qsort_r in the string! and block! code.
I guess  "qsort_r"   stands for qsort redefinition
ah no... its a different func spec... ignore that... I'll just change the qsort name to uc_qsort   (uc for university of california)
don't change the original source if possible, please
well, this is part of porting code to different compilers and toolchains.  for example, the   static inline   hints are different in msvc  nothing I can do there.  I added an #ifdef  setup for that with comments explaining why.
I'm not playing inside the algorithm.  but if the name of the function causes errors in the compiler, I can't just wish it to go away.

I am trying to build R3 with MinGW on Win 7 without luck. Does anyone have already successfully done it?
I tried this:
but (apart from the fact that Rebol links are outdated) When doing make prep R3 crashes with error #1405.
If I use r3bazaar It can not find gcc, then if I copy MinGW/bin/gcc to MinGW/msys/bin the process stops with error: CreateProcess: not such file or directory AND THEN I GAVE UP !
"Does anyone have already successfully done it?" - I did it
(but I did not use HostileFork's instructions)
Could you please give me the instructions?
which R3 did you use as r3-make?
could you try again using an interpreter from
Idem for the interpreter found on
I did it, and at some point added a few notes, but they don't appear to be there any more.
with the console version it does not crash but gcc still gives error: CreateProcess: No such file or directory
I've had troubles too.   a few notes:
-the rebol scripts in the current community distro do not work properly with saphirion'ts latest build... something to do with the use of 'FUNCTION vs 'FUNC .   I've had to edit at least one script.
-the CreateProcess error is due to local dir handling which is pretty screwed up, if you launch the make from a windows prompt. either create a batch file which does a CD first or use the -C option in make to tell make to change directory internally before interpreting the make file.
if you haven't done so, you might also want to add the msys package and make sure you've got a folder in your PATH environment which points to a folder with a proper  make.exe  (not the mingw_make) function.

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