AltME: R3 Building and Porting


It seems correct to me
Atronix has a complete serial implementation as well.
Thanks Josh; a big part of it due to your diligent work or integrating Carl's work. Shixin/Atronix extended it to Win32 and Linux support, if I'm not mistaken, right?
I extended Carl's posix work to Windows and Shixin added all the other features and changed it to asynchronous
and bugfixed
Carl's implementation wasn't asynchronous?
@andreas - very good overview, thx!
@maxim - yes, cairo seems a little bit slower but as kaj said, they improved speed and cairo offers also some additional backends like pdf and also hardware accelaration if available.
i just mentioned cairo as an example and perhaps usable backend later but AGG serves very well for 2D GUI so far.
I remember talking about using Cairo back when R3 alpha was just out and how it was rather big and did a lot of things that we don't need. Is that still the case?
Would you expect cairo be any smaller? I think not. The thing is, that it might be part of many systems, so you don't necessarily care ....

The good thing is one can switch agg to cairo(or any other 2d vector api) with relatively small effort even in the current R3 (I don't consider the abstraction code fully finished yet and plan to do some cool changes that give us blazing fast HW accelerated graphics).
In fact, it should be enough to implement   equivalent of host-draw-api-agg.cpp interface that wraps all the current DRAW commands. Could be quite some fun to do that :)
Cyphre - is there any estimate of when such abstraction code could be finished? Just curious ....
AFAIK Currently R3 developement is not at the top of priority list for Saphirion so I can't tell you any estimate. Sadly, I have no spare time to do it as an hobby project at the moment but I hope things will change over time.
All I hope is that the Rebol Alliance will not only consolidate the code base but also the different versions issue tracking data including the R3 CureCode issues).

Watching for "blazing fast HW accelerated graphics" on Android.

Any update on the "unifiying" Rebol 3 project?
still progressing, though not much to report as I was pretty much offline for 2 weeks.
note that the alliance is not just about the R3 repository, but that is one big part of it.
I have started to work on the web aspect of it again. so it should start having some presence next week.
begining next week, I should be pulling the changes from atronix into the rebol-alliance repo.   so I get that's a sign that its starting ;-)

I'm considering a project that i wanted to do in R3 instead of R2 but when ever I looked into R3 it just seemed a little fragmented with the different forks and missing pieces. Its exciting to see that its coming together. Thanks Maxim and to all that are involved.

Probably asked a bunch of times but if were to start a gui r3 project which version would be best to use that would be most compatible with the upcoming unified version and where would I find it?

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