AltME: R3 Building and Porting


Saphirion has an internal one I think, but Atronix does not at this time.
Mainline R3 binaries are available at, and there is an OSX build there.
avast is blocking the dev version from downloading....says dRep infection. Production version downloads fine.

If Shixin doesn't see your note here, I'll make sure he knows.
There is no OSX version that supports a GUI yet. What can be done is rendering to images, but no visible GUI.

Not directly related to R3, but I started to play with SDL 2.0 and tried some examples, compiled with MinGW on windows 7, and I'm rather badly surprised about stability: I can easily get a crash with a few interactions (click, minimize, focus, ...). Not a good start! I post this here because I thought about possibly use SDL 2.0 for a Mac port for example. Anyone with experience to share on SDL 2.0 ?

It's new, but it's been in the works for many, many years, so I expected it to be better
It uses hardware acceleration, so crashes could be due to an unreliable video driver
I'm going to try on another laptop, also I'm going to use MinGW-64 instead. SDL forum is quite active, I'll check there if needed. I think R3 or Red can benefits from SDL so we don't rewrite everything.. I know you did a SDL1.3 lib for Red!

should   $ar -q blah.o lib.a
be the proper way to add an object file to an existing static library lib.a?


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