yoffset: regarding "his code does call the draw dialect, and doesn't work, for some unknown reason." - yes, that's a bug. The SKEW command arg syntax changed (form decimal! to pair!) in the late aplhas but the parser definition remained old in one place.
I uploaded the fix to github and also made new build so LOAD-GUI should give you correct behaviour as well.

Back in the old days on Rebol2/View, it was possible to do something like this:
    save/png %myimage.png to-image layout [box 100x100 green text "Hello World!" image %flower.jpg]
I just tried something like that on Rebol3/View, and I get:
    >> to-image layout [text "Test"]
    ** Script error: object! type is not allowed here
    ** Where: to to-image
    ** Near: to image! :value
Is there a different way of doing this?
yes, you can do it like:
lay: layout [text "Test"]
write %layout.png encode 'png to-image lay/gob
And instead of the `write %layout.png encode 'png ...` you should also be able to use just `save %layout.png ...`.
yes, using SAVE is shorter :)

Great!  This is going to help with the ability to display GUI elements and graphics on the ODROID-Show module (320x240x16 screen controlled through USB - retail price $25).  I've written a dialect to make using the screen easier via the text-based commands, and wanted to add a component to get the graphics to work as well.
Bo, Thats a cool (and affordable) screen. Is there a touch solution that works with it that you know of?
No, I don't know of any touch ability.  However, there are companies that make overlays that use USB, although I don't know if you could find one that is 2.2 inches in size.

@cyphre, I was suggesting that we could look at different syntaxes eg.
on-action/extern [ action-block-here ] [ extern words here ]
on-action /extern [ action-block-here ] [ extern words here ]
on-actioin [ [ extern words here ] and rest of action block here ] <= this is the implementation I provided
on-action [ extern: [ extern words here ] rest of action block here ]
and was wondering what is most consistent with the r3-gui dialect as well as funct/extern

Graham, the implementation you provided looks like most convenient from the user's pov

I'm okay with that though it looks a little opaque

Demo of R3GUI with server, being driven by console clients generating tcp events to update the GUI
There's a task queue with tasks holding the jobs to be done by the console clients, and a callback when done.  In this case, the tasks are just downloading web pages.
not to be confused with task!
Nice demo!  I hope to get more into this type of thing soon.  Also, now I know what your voice sounds like. :-)
Very cool Graham. I agree with Bo that it was nice to hear what you sound like after so many years,

Does anyone know of a graphing module written for R3-GUI?

I just fixed an annoying config screw up from Apple. So, the R3-GUI docs are back again. Sorry that it took that long.
Thanks a lot Robert, a lot more useful now !
It's still crap because the docs are taken from the SVN. I need to change the whole setup to sync it local to the server and create the docs from there.
That's why the load times take so long.

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