Bo, Thats a cool (and affordable) screen. Is there a touch solution that works with it that you know of?
No, I don't know of any touch ability.  However, there are companies that make overlays that use USB, although I don't know if you could find one that is 2.2 inches in size.

@cyphre, I was suggesting that we could look at different syntaxes eg.
on-action/extern [ action-block-here ] [ extern words here ]
on-action /extern [ action-block-here ] [ extern words here ]
on-actioin [ [ extern words here ] and rest of action block here ] <= this is the implementation I provided
on-action [ extern: [ extern words here ] rest of action block here ]
and was wondering what is most consistent with the r3-gui dialect as well as funct/extern

Graham, the implementation you provided looks like most convenient from the user's pov

I'm okay with that though it looks a little opaque

Demo of R3GUI with server, being driven by console clients generating tcp events to update the GUI
There's a task queue with tasks holding the jobs to be done by the console clients, and a callback when done.  In this case, the tasks are just downloading web pages.
not to be confused with task!
Nice demo!  I hope to get more into this type of thing soon.  Also, now I know what your voice sounds like. :-)
Very cool Graham. I agree with Bo that it was nice to hear what you sound like after so many years,

Does anyone know of a graphing module written for R3-GUI?

I just fixed an annoying config screw up from Apple. So, the R3-GUI docs are back again. Sorry that it took that long.
Thanks a lot Robert, a lot more useful now !
It's still crap because the docs are taken from the SVN. I need to change the whole setup to sync it local to the server and create the docs from there.
That's why the load times take so long.

Good day, everyone. I am looking to improve the appearance and usability on my script on my Android phone. I added tabs to my script and now it does funky resizing things. The content of the GUi is now smaller than the screen and scrolls bas appear on the side. These scrollbnars are tiny and near impossible to use on a touchscreen. Even if one does manage to move them the contents start to draw on top of  one another. Is this just a fact of ithe interpreter being an alpha release and Android being an oddity or are there things I can do to improve the situation? Thanks.
Rebol []
;   Do %r3-gui.r3
;   Do %requestors.r3
; gui-metric/set 'unit-size (gui-metric 'screen-dpi) / 72
This should help.

yoffset: Thank you. I saw references to gui-metric before but my use of it did nothing so I theorized that it was an outdated document and kind of forgot about it. I tried it just now and while it did not fix the issue it did help. The script still behaves oddly in terms of sizing, but no elements are on top of each other, etc. 72 did not work for me, but I found a number that did. The GUI still draws itself limited to an area in the middle of the screen, but turning the phone to landscape orientation and then back to portrait causes Rebol to redraw the GUI and it then comes close to filling the screen. I can swip to the left and see all of the GUI width wise. Scrollbars appear and I can with difficulty use them to scroll down to the bottom of the GUI.  Anyone know how to increase the size of the scrollbars? Also, my tabs are pretty small and not displaying their entire label. Any suggestions for these two small things?

I tried to run R3-GUI today on the most recent version of R3 from Atronix, and it errored out. Any idea why?
>> about
**                                                                      **
**  REBOL 3.0                                                           **
**                                                                      **
**    Copyright: 2012 REBOL Technologies                                **
**               All rights reserved.                                   **
**    Website:                                          **
**                                                                      **
**    Version:                                            **
**    Platform:  Linux libc6-arm                                        **
**    Build:     9-Mar-2015/14:12:38                                    **
**                                                                      **
**    Language:  English                                                **
**    Locale:    United States                                          **
**    Home:      /var/www/                                              **
**                                                                      **
>> layout [title "Test"]
** Math error: math or number overflow
** Where: + either repeat do update-panel actor all foreach do-actor case repeat do update-panel actor all foreach do-actor either make-window-layout layout
** Near: + max-heights/:i
The same thing happens with 'view
OK. It was my fault. I was trying to run view from an SSH session expecting that the output would show up on the main desktop. It didn't and had the error instead.
Is there a way to attach the output of R3's View component to a different desktop on Ubuntu?

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