Vector is the way of the world for many things now, because of varying display densities and screen sizes, but EDGE can still get you a long way IMO. At least for squares like me. ;-)
Actually rendering bitmaps is stil the most efficient way and so is used on mobile devices. You just must do it in the way how GPU likes it, for example use texture atlases, multiple assets per resolution, etc. Drawing gui using CPU is a no-go on mobiles and OSes too... no wonder that Vista was so bad OS, when it had only CPU gui rendering. Using pure vectors on GPU is also not that good, if you don't need just rectangles... because of expensive anti-aliasing.
If Vector was "the way of the world", Flash would not be banned from most mobiles.
And although browsers did big improvements since last years with SVG rendering, it still sucks a lot with performance.
I have to agree on bitmaps. Also, I can't imagine designers ever spending more than a few moments on DRAW before they throw up their hands and go back to Photoshop, as it's just much easier to work out skins there.
The most popular UI for Flash platform for Stage3D (GPU) is - you can see that it's using bitmaps too:
It doesn't mean you can't work out the UI in a vector illustrator app, if you so desire, and then export it to a bitmap.
Right... you can even use slow but nice CPU randering into bitmap, which is than used as your assets on GPU.
I enjoyed working out the old test artwork for the R3 GUI, but it isn't realistic to ask a designer to use DRAW to make new skins.
Henrik - I don't believe, that doing styles in PS is faster than using Illustrator, unless you admit, that you don't know the Ilustrator.
Of course - if you then use it to generate bitmpas, why not, but doing arrows, buttons, etc. should be imo faster with the Vector SW ...
Pekr, I never said that. I said that using DRAW to make skins is much more laborious than using an artwork application like Photoshop or Illustrator.
And these days, those two kinds of apps are merging.
ah, by draw you mean - our rebol draw, not vector SW in general?
well, if Ilustrator or Inkscape can generate SVG, then maybe it is a pity draw is not an SVG container ....
Yes, I meant using DRAW directly. Using SVG, I'm not a fan of either, as it doesn't work very well for pixel accuracy.

Having trouble using 'load-gui from the Atronix build. Seems is not accessible. Anyone else having this problem? Do you know where I can get r3-gui.r3?
I've tried, but it doesn't seem to be compatible.
I've also tried downloading Atronix's latest Development release, but 'load-gui is also not working on that.
Any ideas?
I'm having the same problem, and I don't know the solution either.
That's funny.  I tried to download and run the Windows version of their REBOL, 32-bit and 64-bit, to try on my Windows 7 computer, and I got a message about it not being compatible with my computer.  I was going to try a different download option to see if it was a corruption issue.
Bo, what's happening with the Saphirion R3-GUI version? Does it crash?

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