Bo, I just posted the new binaries with updated URLs. Please go to

It works!

Robert - R3 GUI docs on the saphirion domain are not displayed, some error is displayed: Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo. 0

ddharing - the production releases are plain text, no links?
I noticed that too, and pulled the dev release, but I also wanted to thank all the Redbol teams that are moving things forward. I hope to surface again before too long and contribute.
Pekr, thanks... that's such a damnd stupid thing Apple is doing. They update a CLI tool that needs me to press a key as SU... what the hell are they thinking?
Should work again...

Maarten / Gregg: Yes, just the dev links are active for now. It's the build that we're using internally. Please let us know if you have any issues.
Actually, we're using a slightly newer one because a few days ago we found a bug that prevented the use of a Mac as an X-terminal to Linux (i.e. X over SSH). That is fixed and the link will be updated soon. We tested using El Capitan and XQuartz 2.7.8 on the Mac.

  finally I have managed to open my first GUI using R3-GUI from Saphirion.  It is "only" a view on my company database which returns open orders.
My first thanks go to Nick Antonaccio for his guide and Ashley for his fantastic munge.
Now My first question: where do I find a list of ALL styles in R3-GUI ? Is there a way to get it from REBOL3 itself  ?
Also, I need to clear the content of a table ROW hitting a button which should be located on the same row.
How could I do this ?
Does the existence of R3-GUI on the Saphirion web site imply that people may download it and use it, as one might for example download and use Python from the official Python web site?  Or is there some "proprietariness" to the Saphirion version that makes that not allowed?  .

SWhite, no there is nothing proprietary about it.
On each example of NickA there is a do%R3-GUI.r3 . I suppose it is the same of load-gui. Isn't it ?
Yes, but load-gui doesn't work as the URL is redirected but R3 HTTP protocol doesn't work with redirection, as I know. So it's better to download and use it locally as Nick does.

I need to interecept the event ON-CLICK on TEXT-TABLE. I need the ROW (multi column) content. How could I do this ? (Also,  where could I find some good documentation ?)
Also, could TEXT-TABLE have invisible fields ?
And a last question: is the Android Version of R3GUI updated to the same desktop version ?

Is it possble to have a table column which act as button and display a text inside ?

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