*chances *changes
As for Atronix - their GUI might not be VID anymore. As for their View engine, I think, that in the end, they might release it, dunno though. You would have to ask them ....
As for Saphirion, it is on Github, IIRC: , inlcuding the link to their docs on Github too ...
I already have this link but I don't know if the GUI system has been advanced internally and not updated on GitHub.

If anyone from Sapphirion is listening they could clear any doubt to the community.
I'm listing... and I will repeat what I have said a couple of times.
R3 is not used by us for anything serious at the moment.
R3-GUI was a test and prototype to see how far we can get with Carl's R3 base and some small changes.
The main reason is, as correctly stated, our main product is still R2 based.
So, a technology migration is necessary at some point.
I'm not very confidenet that we will choose R3.
On the other hand, the work we did with R3-GUI is pretty general and the concepts, internals etc. can be used with other technologies like Lua etc. Hence, for us it wasn't a sunk investment.
So, the best you can do with R3-GUI is: Use it and develop it further, read the source and examples.
You have to work your way through it, but there should be enough information available to make it.
It's far from finished and building a good, tested, documented and feature rich GUI framework is something you should expect to take between 6 - 18 months of work. After 6 it's useable (that's what R3-GUI is now), after 12 you can start building apps on it and after 18 around 80% if it will be matured.
Hi Robert,
  thank you for the answer.
  I supposed R3-GUI was a complete product.
  Personally, I'll do what you suggest: I'll use it, read the code an the examples.
   It seems a good work and I don't see any reason for not adoping it.
Are you and your team available to help me/us navigate throught code/structures not so easy to understand to us ?
I can't promise, but just give it a try here.
Thanks. Here my first question:
On Github you have and
They have been updated on 2015 and 2016.
Who has the most updated content, Saphirion Site or Saphrion repository on GitHub ?

Good question. IMO it should be the same. But make a x-check by some samples and you will find out.
I'm not managing the GitHub part. It's Lad / Andreas. uses the stuff from our SVN repository. It uses live access to it. So every change we do there you will see.

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