Probably the longest one-line script in the rebol world actually ;-)
Usefull, but pretty unreadable
There should have been a problem during generation/upload of the script. Lets wait for Robert
you should download
The script rebgui.r is generated and not to work with directly. RebGUI is assembled from multiple source files.
And here is the source:
Hi Robert, if you click "download page" on the first link above the changelog.
You receive:
Ok, I admit I have not found neither nor
Could you give me direct links please ?

You don't have permission to access /downloads/files/ on this server.
Thanks Q

During the past days I have found a lot of pages and documentation which traces work from many developers on R3GUI and on REBGUI too.
It will take some time for me to became familiar with the subject and undestand what is there, what has been removed, changed.
It will be a very difficult task... but I want to face it.

Where the latter came from ? Which of two is the better one to use ?
Also the FACE chapter:
In saphirion documentation I read:
do-face Evaluate the standard action code sequence of a face
While on R3GUI:
do-face Execute the standard action code sequence of a face
Code also differ:
Saphirion code:
verify: func [
    data [string!]
    ;just a placeholder code
    print "verifying face"
    random true
view [
    name:  field
    email: field
    button "Submit" on-action [
        unless verify get-face name [alert "invalid name"]
        unless verify get-face email [alert "invalid email address"]
R3GUI.COM code
name: field
email: field
button "Submit" do [
        unless verify get-face name [warn "invalid name"]
        unless verify get-face email [warn "invalid email address"]
This time Saphirion site seems more complete.
Misses all low level documentation
We find it split in another document
Lets summarize what I have discoverd so far:
Graham Chiu branch is the only one to have this updated document:
This branch has been created on 1st Jun 2013.
Then he added this file:
Which is Carl's original GUI
Ladislav polished Saphirion repository the repository and modified some files After 1st of june:
Also he added the EXAMPLES DIR
Graham actors files reports may 31st may 2013 as modification date inside the file
Saphirion version has no modification date (Discover why)
Graham Faces article is 10 lines longer,investigate why.
Reactors come directly from here:
Resizing is 1line longer
The "Resizing Dir" under
is only in Graham repository as Ladislav deleted them because "obsolescence":
shortctus-notes.mdp file was inside this directory.
Saphrion version on their site
Is updated to their repository version but lacks the layout file graham has.
R3GUI Log is only present here:

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