These are now the latest versions from our SVN repository.
Hope this helps
And I don't find examples too and a lot more.
They seems build in the wong way. Could you please verify ? You need only to compare against: ?

You have all we have... as said, it's totally unmaintained by us for quite some time.

Robert, I apolgize for the delay.
Which is the source of the file you have uploaded ? I suspect your repository on GIITHUB
But if you take a look, they are VERY different in number of files. The ZIP misses about  50% of the files.
Again, could you please check ?

What should I check?
In the archive:
The directory:
Is not correct as it should have the content of this one:
Instead you can find onli /resizing/
Is different from:
Also /examples
and /user
Are missing from your archives.
In other words:
your source for the /documentation directory in R3.GUI-SRC.ZIP
is not in sync with
Yes, that might be the case. As I said, this stuff is AS-IS.
You got everything we have in the state we have. So there is nothing missing, but most likely not in sync.
Thanks for the answer Robert, In the next week I'll try to build a repository with the correct file after performing an 1 by 1 check.

@Robert @GrahamChiu et all
I have just ended the reconstruction of the correct r3 documentation repository from all the sources around.
It is the first time I use GitHub, so I am open to any note, suggestion, warning...
Repository is located here:…
Just note that saphirion repository had some old documentation which uses reactors (actors.mdp; layout.mdp) so I have exchanged them with the correct version.
File faces.mdp is for me uncertain which is the correct version. You will find one in:
and another in
Please poin to me which is the correct one
Also I have created a "Spare" directory where old, historical and uncertain things belongs.
A last note: other than the "examples" directory I have added a "tests" directory from Robert Archives
After your check, I kindly ask @GrahamChiu and Robert to update their respective sites and repositories.
It took me some months and 2 full weeks to undestand I was not reading the correct documentation, that it was not complete and that was the reason I was not able to undestand anything and not because of my stupidity !

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