@Robert @GrahamChiu et all
I have just ended the reconstruction of the correct r3 documentation repository from all the sources around.
It is the first time I use GitHub, so I am open to any note, suggestion, warning...
Repository is located here:…
Just note that saphirion repository had some old documentation which uses reactors (actors.mdp; layout.mdp) so I have exchanged them with the correct version.
File faces.mdp is for me uncertain which is the correct version. You will find one in:
and another in
Please poin to me which is the correct one
Also I have created a "Spare" directory where old, historical and uncertain things belongs.
A last note: other than the "examples" directory I have added a "tests" directory from Robert Archives
After your check, I kindly ask @GrahamChiu and Robert to update their respective sites and repositories.
It took me some months and 2 full weeks to undestand I was not reading the correct documentation, that it was not complete and that was the reason I was not able to undestand anything and not because of my stupidity !

Is there a way to RESIZE a picture in R3GUI to a specific X Y dimension ?

I need as many examples writte for text-table you can. Could you help ?

@Giuseppe I have an example of using the text-table here
As for resizing, you can just drag to resize but I don't know how to resize programmatically.

Pekr: "As for Saphirion, I might be mistaken, but - their tools are still mostly R2 (custom RebGUI based?)." - Yes, we do use RebGUI, but that is irrelevant for R3GUI.
R3GUI is not likely to run again on the current active r3 branch without some work.
Some testing has some gobs up and working again but delect is no longer there and that's used in r3gui
Atronixengineering's ZOE or zoomable interface is built entirely on Gobs and custom widgets without r3gui, and the long term aim is to move it to openGl.
Was DELECT so harmful we had to remove it without any replacement ?

IIRC, DELECT was brought to the table, to speed-up some simple dialects/bridges, mainly for the command interface of R3 extensions? With later changes, some claimed, it is not needed anymore. Not sure though. One thing is clear - later on, R3 got FFI, and as for REN-C fork, IIRC, the plan is to remove R3 extensions altogether?
The original mechanism of extensions was a result of RT's closed source.  Now that's open source we are able to use a more workablel solution.  And with that, non-core elements such as encryption, FFI, image handling etc are being moved into extensions.
And that's delaying the release of the ODBC extension as it's being decided how to best move this stuff out of the core.

Next time I hope something is totally removed after another solution is already in place

group !R3-GUI
for anyone else wanting to poke around, Cyphre posted this link to sources, with some docs (not sure how up-to-date) back in October.
whoop, sorry, wrong group

interested, is there any other link?


I see the latest update has been 5 years ago. The published code has been published in november.

I request here it again: has someone the latest version of the source ?

Last message posted 63 weeks ago.