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Of course this should be on, but that's currently not up-to-date and doesn't include activity levels. Any comments, additions, etc?
Suggested message title? I was thinking something like: Community Activity Report for <Date>
I've seen this kind of periodic, summary messages being posted on several mailing lists and find them helpful and not overly intrusive or spammy - thoughts?
Looks good ...
The only mailing list active is the f8bk one?
not sure - thought I remembered that the lists are defunct now. The Facebook spot is just a group - is there a mailing list somewhere there as well?
the AltME numbers are bogus though - I got those from the web archive which shows only the web-public activity (and a non-constant one at that, if you hit F5 repeatedly)
I'd like to get the true numbers
what is "f8bk"? You mean facebook? Fb is not a mailing list, I think. The!forum/rebol
Also, the stackoverflow is not as active as it may look at the first sight. The reboltutorial's activity is sometimes quite "artificial", I would say.
Adrian, thanks for getting this restarted.
I think we should put this up on the Wiki for a start. This will give us a convenient location to point to.
Actually, we had such a page before:
Should probably get that cleaned up.
Also, note an additional "chat" venue: IRC.
A few of us hang out in IRC in the channel #rebol on freenode (irc://, 128 messages in December. If you don't have an IRC client handy, freenode also provides a web-based client for quickly looking around:
I took the liberty of taking AdrianS's posting, reformatted it to Markdown (only minimal changes necessary), added IRC, reordered things slightly, and updated two few counts.
Here's a rendering of this updated Markdown document to HTML:
Here's the Markdown source of the updated document:
Ladislav, I agree about the level of activity not being as useful if the number of contributors is not specified, but for now this will have to do. The way to do this is through some reasonably smart scripting that can obtain a better breakdown of posts by user, either through scraping or some sort of API, if available.
GrahamC, Ladislav: are you ok with this group becoming web-public as is?
(For the record: I am ok with it.)
Thanks for the additions, Andreas. It was my intent to have this in Markdown or something like it to have it be easily posted to any web site that could accept such content.
"obtain a better breakdown of posts by user" - I do not criticize your findings, I do not even think it is needed to know how many contributors there are; that was rather an observation from me related to one "prolific" contributor

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