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"obtain a better breakdown of posts by user" - I do not criticize your findings, I do not even think it is needed to know how many contributors there are; that was rather an observation from me related to one "prolific" contributor
well, I actually think that this breakdown is useful myself because it's true that some people are just so much more 'prolific' than others
Thanks for reviving this Adrian.
I'm okay.  This summary though looks like it would be tedious to do.  Can it be scripted?

Group is now web public.

Andreas, your R3 binaries page looks really nice.  Might be worth putting up a link to the Android binary even though it's not built (yet) by your build farm just to have everything available in one place. I'm assuming Saphirion wouldn't mind if the right attribution is made.
Would it be worth putting what compiler switches were used for the builds? Do you think you'll want to provide debug builds at any point?
wrong group... ugh.
well, maybe not - you are providing pre-built binaries for the community!

Not sure where to post this.  Links on the R2 Desktop are broken, notably rebolforces.  Anybody have news of this?

There are many broken link on R2/Desktop for long time, unfortunately.

how the hell do we ask to be member of a bord in trello?  there is absolutely no menu anywhere to join or ask for membership..
if there is one its very well hidden... so I guess this is an official request to be part of the trello board
my user is moliad, on trello.
There's no functionality to request membership, as far as I know.
In any case, I added you.
thanks... its weird that there is no way to ask for board membership.
seems to defeat the purpose of social coding practices  :-)
Trello still has bugs

Yes can't connect to it at work, because it demands IE9 or higher or safari or chrome or firefox. None of those are any option. Sometimes I seriously doubt if all of these demands to the users system are really necessary.

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