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The head of OpenCOBOL shouldn't be hard to find

Robert, agreed. Though I'm starting to lean more to Go for native (C-like).It seems low-level at first, but that's an illusion.
But... rebuilding R3, when we have Red coming... does that make sense?
Maarten - well, some ppl might ask just the reverse - why to continue with Red, if/when R3 got open-sourced? R3 is closer to completion, Saphirion invested time/money into it. Difficult to suggest one or the other side, to shut down the project. I am curious, what chat with Carl during the devcon will reveal ....
Some ppl need some solution now, whereas Red seems being really far from completion, and that's simply another aspect ....
When I have talked to Carl about Red, he is very interested in it, but wishes he had more time to delve into it.  He has great respect for Doc and his abilities.
When I first talked with Carl at length about Rebol in 1997, his reason for creating Rebol was because he had learned and used so many languages, but they all fell short of his definition of a "perfect" language.  He liked Lisp and Smalltalk, but there were issues with them as well.  Rebol was his attempt at filling in the holes and creating a multi-purpose language that made simple things simple to do, while still allowing complex things to be possible.  (I'm going back in my memory 16 years here, so I hope Carl forgives me if I left something out.)
Because of the above, I can't imagine he wouldn't want to see any Rebol-like language to succeed as long as they held true to his vision of creating a language that made simple things simple to do, while allowing complex things to be possible - with efficiency and cleanness of design.
I simply believe, that during the Devcon, it will be the right time to exchange some ideas and explanations. Looking forward to the outcome of the meeting :-)
there are hundreds of C derived languages, its not that big a deal for REBOL to have only a handfull active derivatives.  really, its a good thing.
The beauty of freedom from C on all platforms cross-platform, relative speed => Red
The flexibility of REBOL to the maximum, remember Red will be a Reduced REBOL dialect => R3
"Remember Red will be a Reduced REBOL dialect" That is not true anymore since a while (almost since last summer).
Good to hear this Doc, hadn't realized that, thought there remained issues limiting full REBOL like flexibility. New name for Red needed?
The interpreter has lifted all limitations, at least in potential
Red still has {Red]uced resource requirements compared to REBOL
You could also interpret it as an evaluation/REDUCE of REBOL's potential

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