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is anyone using rebol to interface Microsoft .net managed libraries and Classes ?
I've been working on building bridge code for over a week, and it actually works quite well, so I was wondering if I'm alone in having to do this stuff?
using C++/CLI  seems like the best method so far, I just create a dll which has a native interface and use opaque (native) handles within REBOL to refer to data which the .net code can then unwrap and understand.
I guess this group also applies to Mono
I've never found a need to do this, but glad to hear that you are!

If you're the only one, then some documentation would be good for those that want to follow this path.  is this for r2 or r3?
not sure if it matters but I think it may be [web-public] with a hyphen
[web-public] yes... fixed  :-)
I'm currently working in R2, most of the code is in C++, I was wondering if others are actively playing around, since I have some strange issues from time to time... it can take a complete day to solve a bug on a single line of code .  :-(
visual C even has some bugs where it crashes during compilation !  those are the worst.
when I jump onto the R3 bandwagon later this year, I will try to do a much more intergrated attempt at using .net within REBOL.
with reflection, we should be able to bind all the .net stuff on the fly using a simple dialect.
"... it can take a complete day to solve a bug on a single line of code."  -  Why I ended up in REBOL land ;)
Well, that's just one of the reasons.

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