AltME: R3 Protocols


I wrote a ftp scheme three years ago ... and was able to download ISO images with it.
Pekr, you forget so quickly!
As do I :)
to sys/make-scheme
and it should work. I did test it a week ago to confirm this.
Graham - I do remember VERY well in fact :-) But I was not sure it is recent and working with latest R3 releases. I would really like R3 to accept some protocols as standard ...
the work I was doing recently was turning these old efforts into synchronous forms as in R2
I have this unanswered question on how to deal with network timeouts
that I need answered.  I'd like some automatic way for tcp to update the waitlist somehow so that if network activity is occuring, the port should not timeout.
any takers?
In R2 you just increase the system timeout value prior to starting your network call
Does everyone remember the old spinning text with network activity from Rebol1 ?
IIRC you can still do it in R2.

I have troubles using async mode on schemes. I have my awake handler and I return TRUE on 'read event, but the WAIT doesn't return and waits until timeout. Any ideas what am I doing wrong?
can you break it down into the smallest example?  AFAIK, true at the end of the event loop should cause you to leave it
This should be it. It waits until timeout and then returns data:
send-redis-request: func [port] [
    write port #{2A330D0A24330D0A5345540D0A24390D0A6173796E63746573740D0A24340D0A747275650D0A}
read-redis: func [
    "Async HTTP reader"
    url [url!]
    /local spec port
    spec: probe decode-url url
    spec/2: to-lit-word 'tcp
    port: open spec
    port/awake: func [event] [
        ;print ["Awake-event:" event/type]
        switch/default event/type [
            lookup [open event/port]
            connect [send-redis-request event/port]
            wrote [read event/port]
            read  [
                print ["Read" length? event/port/data "bytes"]
                read event/port
            close [return true]
        ] [
            print ["Unexpected event:" event/type]
            close event/port
            return true
        false ; returned
print "REDIS reading..."
rp: read-redis tcp://
wait [rp 10]
close rp
print to-string rp/data
It's adapted from the HTTP example where it works fine, but with another scheme I can't get it to work.
Sorry, does the above work or not?
It sort of works. Request is send and response is read back but instead of returning immediately, it waits for timeout. The HTTP example from wiki returns immediately.
read  [
                print ["Read" length? event/port/data "bytes"]
                read event/port
Here you need to print the event data and return true .. not read again
You are timing out because you are attempting to read again from the port when no more data is coming

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