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If change "read cmd"  by "wait cmd" The last lines are:
C:  PASS mypsw
===Client event: wrote
wrote to port, now read from it
=== Client event: read
Coffe time with my wife, returning in 40 minutes....
Adding  "wait 0" lines  after each "read cmd"  I can get the htdoc dir (sometimes hang) .
I'm afraid it's alpha level software
The 'read should be doing the 'wait on the correct port
that it's not is odd ...
especially if it works on other platforms
Apparently sometimes hangs for some seconds, finally reach the end.
Is good for me.
Thanks !
I believe this is where I got the prot-ftp.r script originally:
Should be changed...
Never mind that links to same version...

Not sure if this it the case but in current R3 you have to wait on the port that operates on the real connection (usually tcp scheme). If you wait on the 'topmost' port used by some higher-level scheme the real 'connection port' will be awaken but not the 'topmost' one.
To solve this annoyance, we probably need to introduce new field to the port object (like port/parent-port) using which the AWAKE handler can find the top-most port easily and resolve correctly waiting on higher-level scheme wrappers.
I'd like to use the term socket to indicate the real tcp-level port to ease the terminology confusion here.  And yes, the ftp protocol does do a wait on the socket.  It works fine in other OS, just not Android according to Luis' tests.

@Luis .. I think the issues you were having with ftp protocol on Android are related to the alpha event handling on Android.
Cyphre could confirm.
Graham, it could be...Luis, if you have any simple test script (preferably using some free test ftp account so I don't need to create one) I could quickly try here to see what's goign on.
Cyphre: I am using (you can register using  ) only need change line at .

I'd like to modify the http protocol so that I can do this
page: write [ headers GET / ]
so that I return the headers and body.  Any thoughts on this?
Obviously the main idea is to be able to grab the cookies.
If people think this is worthwhile, I'll make a PR on one of the Rebol3 repos that is being actively maintained
I think its a good idea (actually, almost essential in today's web environment) .
when doing a successive read, there should also be a transparent way to modify and re-submit the same cookies... say, by adding a cookies attribute to the http port and maybe a few functions for modifying them (add, redate, update)

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