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Cyphre: I am using (you can register using  ) only need change line at .

I'd like to modify the http protocol so that I can do this
page: write [ headers GET / ]
so that I return the headers and body.  Any thoughts on this?
Obviously the main idea is to be able to grab the cookies.
If people think this is worthwhile, I'll make a PR on one of the Rebol3 repos that is being actively maintained
I think its a good idea (actually, almost essential in today's web environment) .
when doing a successive read, there should also be a transparent way to modify and re-submit the same cookies... say, by adding a cookies attribute to the http port and maybe a few functions for modifying them (add, redate, update)
Luis, thanks...will give it a try hopefully soon.
@Maxim, I can't see how you'd do this using successive reads since the http protocol doesn't preserve state.  and currently if you open a port, you lose access to the write dialect.

write [ HEAD / ]
now returns the last modified date correctly
Added a 'headers keyword in the write dialect to return the headers
page: write [ headers GET / ]
page/spec/debug/headers will now contain the headers for the page returned, including the cookies
and page/data will contain the web page data
Hi Folks, How can I  use the https using R3. I'm using the saphirion Core distribution. Any tips?
I was using Rebol Commnad before but now I'm receiving the error .
Command Error: SSL error: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure
I'm on Ubuntu linux 12.04 distro.

So, are you saying Rebol/command has stopped working?

it hasn't stopped working, but https couldn't work on SSLv3
I saw your github with r3 protocols, do you have plans for https? I'm gonna try a workout using Curl from rebol.
to handle https
current versions of rebol3 from Saphir and Atronix have https
ok.. I'll try this

I'm trying to run prot-pop3.r3, but I get an error:
make-scheme has no value
Is there something I need to run first?  I'm running the latest dev release from Atronix for ARM.

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