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If people think this is worthwhile, I'll make a PR on one of the Rebol3 repos that is being actively maintained
I think its a good idea (actually, almost essential in today's web environment) .
when doing a successive read, there should also be a transparent way to modify and re-submit the same cookies... say, by adding a cookies attribute to the http port and maybe a few functions for modifying them (add, redate, update)
Luis, thanks...will give it a try hopefully soon.
@Maxim, I can't see how you'd do this using successive reads since the http protocol doesn't preserve state.  and currently if you open a port, you lose access to the write dialect.

write [ HEAD / ]
now returns the last modified date correctly
Added a 'headers keyword in the write dialect to return the headers
page: write [ headers GET / ]
page/spec/debug/headers will now contain the headers for the page returned, including the cookies
and page/data will contain the web page data
Hi Folks, How can I  use the https using R3. I'm using the saphirion Core distribution. Any tips?
I was using Rebol Commnad before but now I'm receiving the error .
Command Error: SSL error: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure
I'm on Ubuntu linux 12.04 distro.

So, are you saying Rebol/command has stopped working?

it hasn't stopped working, but https couldn't work on SSLv3
I saw your github with r3 protocols, do you have plans for https? I'm gonna try a workout using Curl from rebol.
to handle https
current versions of rebol3 from Saphir and Atronix have https
ok.. I'll try this

I'm trying to run prot-pop3.r3, but I get an error:
make-scheme has no value
Is there something I need to run first?  I'm running the latest dev release from Atronix for ARM.
What I'm trying to do is access gmail email from R3.  It looks like SSL has to be used to get email.  Has anyone tried downloading email from gmail with R3?
Bo, sys/make-scheme  ?

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