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I guess you'll have to check with Graham.  I believe he has said his protocols were completed
It looks like part of the problem I'm having with spop3 is that it doesn't throw up an error when there is no mail server on the other end, or if the settings are incorrect.

OK.  So there is a bug with the ARM version of R3.  I tried the Atronix latest branch and a version from 2013.  Both had the same problem.  Both always show that there are no messages in the mailbox when using any version of pop, spop, or imap.  The exact same script with the exact same credentials on a version of R3 from Feb 2014 works fine on Windows.

Has anyone ever tried to re-activate / port Rebol Services to R3?
I liked it a lot but lost track about its state and which problems and things are still open.
R3 chat is based on a successor
So the design is still in limbo and the code missing in action
I use 0MQ instead
Is the R3 chat service stuff published and documented a bit?
R3 Chat is imo in no way a successor. When I talked to Carl, he wanted to rewrite Rebol/Services to eventuallly simplify some concepts, etc.

Yes, and he did that in R3 Chat. He said the interface collapsed in such a way that he didn't think tthe REBOL/Services concept was needed anymore
The chat client code is available because it is downloaded, but as far as I know, the server was never published
Carl's ideas were all in flux, so there is no documentation, either
I know it was ask to him several times, but it would be cool to ask again : "please, can you give us the server code !"
Other than that, Rebol/Services section is still available -
hmm, abbreviating Rebol/Services to R/S now clashes with how we refer to Red/System :-)
Thanks. This sounds like a lot of reverse engineering and doing it once again.

I feel sad everytime this simple things are broken. There is no more service.r available :-(
Even the client download is dead link.
GrahamC, How can I used https and post using prot-http.r3
how do I pass the parameters? it doesn't accept read/custom

Programmers do not write documentation !

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