AltME: RebolBot


If you have bug reports or suggestions on improving the SO chat bot .. here's a good place if not on chat itself !
Do you still have Eliza somewhere? Could you pass things RebolBot can't understand to her?
I could but I would think that would disrupt the development discussions

I wonder if there's any point in have a Rebol2 interpreter online as well to compare differences .. most of the newbies are downloading R2
It's there; you can use it straight away
It's a good idea to have R2 evaluation as well, but I would default to R3 .
Wouldn't the issues on GitHub be a better place for suggestions or improvements. RebolBot issues could be prefixed with [RebolBot][wish/bug/etc]
not everyone has a github account .. so those that don't can post here.
You're right, but it should probably still the the official place to track issue, no? I mean as opposed to this being the place. I would hope that non-Rebol (and maybe non-dev) people take some interest in the bot and I don't know how much sense it would make to have them come here to log issues or feature requests.
Graham: if you would make backends for other languages (using to run the code), you could easily sell it to other SO chat rooms. ;-)
Interesting idea :)

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