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Too low activity?
Yes, I'm trying to get a copy running on ec2 as Graham wated to be able to show some altme msgs on the site.
I'm not sure of what his exact plans were, but I am just trying to get started by running altme under Xvfb (currently without much success)
(note I am johnk not rebolbot - our upgrades haven't progressed to a fully aware AI yet :-)

The main reason is so that we can have up to date feeds of the web-public feeds.  But also to cross post announcments to the SO chat room



Since try.Rebol has disappeared and doesn't look like it's coming back we have to offer another eval service for rebol2, 3 and red
I doubt we'd be doing boron .. unless Karl writes to us asking for it.
Anyway, here's a provisional eval script I've written ... so can anyone see issues with it?  I've tried to put the CGI script inside a jail, and we'll only let priviledged users use it so  that Sunanda can't take it down!
Adapt allows one to add a preamble to an existing function so I can the datatype and refuse file!
And hijack allows me to rewrite all previous of a function with a new function.
So, I could hijack 'print so that it sends out <br> instead of newlines
I seriously doubt that Sunanda would even consider doing such a thing as to bring the bot down.
Not servicing Boron is fine with me, Kaj added it because it is open source, but I do not think anybody but Karl perhaps uses it..
I think Graham meant Sunanda would be an effective, tester, not taking it down as an admin.
What do other "Try X" systems do. They must have the same problems.
right, that fits the image I have of Sunanda much better :)
@Arnold - scroll back to 9-Mar-2013!
BTW, if anyone on team Red can provide me with a safe Red eval script, then I can add it as one of the bot's targets.  Kaj I think used to use quite an old red version.

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