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OK. Show me the best project match on Trello for Ren.
Chris, also why I have put some links for Objective-C and Cocoa bindings in the MacOSX group. For the binding has been done for 'competitor' small languages, so why not for Red or R3 and put them on the map too.
Gregg: I don't know of a project quite like Ren that uses Trello. Perhaps the closest project in recent times is CommonMark that uses a combination of GitHub and Discourse.
Arnold: Mac OS X--another private group that requires logging into AltMe to view.
I'm familiar with CommonMark. The initial spec was solidified before Discourse, correct?
Altme losing messages is mostly a myth
Gregg, just a clarification, Humanistic on GitHub is organization with ten members including you, so feel free to update the stuff there.
Rebolek - 10 members? Oh my, that is almost more, than Rebol and Red counted together :-)
Gregg: I don't know--do you have a reference for the origins of the original specs? Seems beside the point though--to reiterate, there is already more than one island of discussion happening on the formalisation of Rebol (whether that is Ren--if you think of it as such--or just a formalisation of Rebol). Perhaps that's for the best, all told. Just felt it worth pointing out and trying to suggest an alternative.
Petr: rediculous--I've been using AltMe as long as anyone, I'm painfully aware that it's more than 'mostly' a myth.
-- Ridiculous, argh: where's the edit button?
Petr: SO Chat room for [Rebol and Red] (and none of which are Brian D.)
...has 12 owners...

Perhaps the discussion about  using an alternative to AltME could be continued in a more relevant channel. Perhaps self would be appropriate.
Thanks Peter.
Ren isn't just a formalization of Rebol, since it isn't compatible, though it is in a sense. says what it is, with a strong influence being a desire for interchange between REBOL-like languages.
Well, if my understanding is correct, REN has nothing to do with Rebol/Red, apart from being implemented first for the Rebol like languages ....
I have looked at for the first time, and only now I realised, how bad it is :-( Who is this site for? Apart from being aesthetically displeasing (yellow bg color? common), it seems like it is written for the programmers, who know parsers and are supposed to port it to other languages? Not sure this is aproach, which is going to sell the ideas. Such stuff should be imo put into some subsection and front page should be more "marketing" oriented, showing some examples, dialects, without any grammar info ...
Ah, I just got to the site, all clear now. It is terrible, how such popular technology can dare to be represented by such "web site" ... but - that's a different discussion ....
Sorry you don't like it Petr, it's all me, but you understand the target audience it's directed at.

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