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Just wanted to drop a little note here that I just released a new library for liquid which is a pretty simple dialect to build up dataflow graphs.
Its pretty advanced in the sense that it leverages binding and allows some nice in-line plug building with very little code required.
the library is called fluid and is part of the liquid-libs package here:
Sounds very cool Max.

Any short info for those who are not familiar with liquid?
liquid is basically a dataflow management kernel.  
You build up node classes (plugs) which have their own internal controlers for messaging, processing and more.
Then you connect them in various ways so that any change in dependencies automatically updates relevant data.
Liquid really becomes powerful when toolsets are built using it and then interconnected.  for example, Glass is built from the ground up using liquid, so that you can instantly connect any liquid node into the GUI with a single link and all changes to the data end up in the interface with absolutely no tracking work on your part.
In the next week or two I will release a lot of stuff which is liquid and Glass enabled, including the old Glass help and tutorial distribution.
The header-box and Glimmer apps will show very advanced examples of Liquid and Glass use.  now with Fluid, it should be much easier to work with complex liquid networks.
Thank you Maxim. I have read your explanations 3 times by now, I am getting a bit of an idea now what it is about. Search terms Glass, Liquid and fluid are not very helpful on Google, unless you want to know if Glass is a solid or a fluid..
Glass is a liquid or to be more precise, a super-cooled ligquid. MAx knows his stuff :-)
I am sure Max is changing it, but this was the ormer documentation
I would suggest this for an example:
Max, where can I find GLayout dialect examples?

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