| Ashley G Truter

Munge 3.0.5 -

- Removed:

    renc support
    /lines from read-string (use deline/lines instead)
    /compact from load-dsv
    /preserve from load-dsv

- Added:


- Fixed:

    split-line bug
    write-dsv bug
    load-dsv bug
    to-string-time now returns "HH:MM:SS"
    put returns value
    latin1-to-utf8 handles split strings correctly
    load-dsv/part/flat formats data correctly

- Enhanced

    Added /map to sqlcmd
    Added /flat to load-dsv, load-excel and load-fixed
    load-fixed now auto detects widths
    read-string with large files about 10-15x faster
    load-dsv about 3x faster
    rows? faster
    Added /flat to list
    write-excel now uses archive instead of 7z