| Ashley G Truter

Munge 3.0.6 -

- Removed:

    build, platform and target moved from global context to settings
    load-excel (replaced with oledb)

- Added:

    load-xml (uses unarchive)
    oledb (refactored from load-excel)
    literal column support to load-dsv, load-xml and munge (e.g. load-dsv/part file [1 "No"])
    named column support to load-dsv, load-xml and munge (e.g. munge/where next [["Name" "Age"]["Sam" 50]] [&Age > 30])

- Updated:

    munge/update refinement removed (use munge/where blk [row/1: 0])
    munge/delete is now the same as munge/delete/where
    R2 support in archive and unarchive (requires /View)
    Excel support (using unarchive) added to cols?, fields?, rows? and sheets?
    replace-deep replaces multiple values in a single pass
    to-string-date and to-string-time now support Excel XML date (e.g. "41000") and time (e.g. ("0.33") formats
    list uses settings/console (default TRUE) to control new-line behaviour
    load-dsv (plus oledb, sqlcmd and sqlite) and load-xml use settings/as-is (default TRUE) to control trim/lines behaviour
    read-string optimized
    read-binary lost its /seek refinement
    added load-dsv/csv

- Fixed:

    Several parse copy words that escaped to the global context
    Unarchive bug