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Do you get the same outcome for ?
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Circumstances at my own place of work have necessitated some REBOL documentation tailored to a very specific, and small, audience.  It is not inconceivable that there are other members of that "audience" out there, so I have put my documentation on the internet at  Comments are welcome, and I would be especially glad to hear if I have done anything harmful to the "rebolution."  Carl mentioned at one time how some people use REBOL like C, and he seemed not to approve.  It is possible that I am one of those.  Solving the problems of the 19th century with the tools of the 20th...
I really like your VID doc  :-)

Steven: kudos for the hard and good work!
For a moment I thought you had a photo of a real sewersaurus there. But it was a sewersuarus.
I ike your COBOL to REBOL. But REBOL has a thing where saying CONSOLE-INPUT: "" can get you into some unexpected trouble. Most of the time it is better to state CONSOLE-INPUT: copy ""
(Not a fan of serif fonts personally)

While Carl may not like how COBOL is used, I think he would approve of your docs. You are using REBOL how I think it's intended to be used, by targeting and audience and making it possible for them to apply their knowledge and experience, adapting the tool to them.

Thanks to anyone who points out anything I say that is wrong.  The use (or not-use) of the "copy" function in various places has caused me a bit of trouble.  I do look at my own documentation now and then, after some time has passed and I have had a chance to forget, to see if I actually can understand it.  Then I do try to touch it up.
Copy is a tricky one indeed. On series, a string is a series, assigning one variable the value of another one, makes a pointer to the other series, so not a separate copy in memory but two vars pointing to the same thing. Use 'copy for making a copy in that case.

ddharing, That's great - thank you
Thanks David (and the whole Atronix team)!
function = funct ? Never will get used to funco :-)

Bo... simply WOW!
Thanks! You like it?
The face is done with the R3/Draw dialect.
yeah, its really cool  :-)
But is it still cool at $190 plus shipping? That's what all the components cost.
Part list:
(2) Metal gear micro servos (ankles)
(2) Light duty micro servos (hips)
(1) 8-channel servo controller
(1) ODROID-C1+ single-board computer
(1) 3.2" C1 Touchscreen
(1) LiPo battery controller and 3000mAh battery
(1) 8GB microSD card with Ubuntu 14.04 and robot controller software
(1) 2.4GHz WiFi antenna
(2) 3D-printed feet - various colors available ($3 each)
(2) 3D-printed ankles - various colors available ($1 each)
(1) 3D-printed pelvis - various colors available ($3)
If you want to help with making it better (software or hardware wise), I'll be happy to ship you one for $40 off (contributor/beta-tester discount). :-)
other low volume kits are similarly priced AFAIK.
if you can leverageéimprove the "you can tweak it" and add some screen using features (feedback on the touch so it giggles, things like that... its definitely still cool.
it is a high-end gift / toy, but its definitely geek fare  :-)

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