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Bo, I wish I had more time to play with that.  Really great!

@Maxim - I was using provided Highlight.js tool to build the demo... it looks they are using css paths like: "style\something.css" which does not work in FF but is accepted in Chrome... so I manually replaced them now.
ah cool thanks

Thank you Ashley for this xmas present :-)

Very cool Reichart.

Cool Reichart

When I was in India in 2001 I was thinking of some small granularity financial model in rupies.  $10 minimum seems like an awful lot  0-o-o<
$10 for lunch at Chipoltle, and if you will do that, well then, by a Divy worth of stock why don't you? :)

Sounds neat!

"Buy" (I really hate English)

Very cool Adrian (and Giulio). Thanks for posting that.

cool about emscriptem build
In reaction to Arnold's proposal, I would like to ask what would be the gain if the repository was deleted.

Ladislav: as far as I understand what iArnold meant - he simply does not like recent situation - Carl not reviewing tickets. Then Earl got some approval and disappeared too. So iArnold simply thinks, that as Ren-C is mostly the only "community" (ymmv) maintained and active distro, it should be taken and considered as an official R3 build.
Both Atronix and Saphirion have their own ones. Some of those might be considered too. But it is a non vital situation, when almost 3 years after open-sourcing R3, there is a little progress and full list of PRs, noone is about to merge.
"he simply does not like recent situation" - I understand that, but his "solution" is literally throwing out the baby with the bath.
"it should be taken and considered as an official R3 build" - there are two problems with this:
1) while Hostile Fork is claiming that Rebol design lacks analyses, but he neither has sound analyses nor usage experience when changing things
2) users dislike Hostile Forks solutions
3) according to objective test results, his Rebol clone has more bugs and less features than rebol/rebol
Hi Maxim, yes I know, they will not remove it. I put it up as a joke on one side, but with the serious thought that without that  resource there would not be this block to go forward.
1) Why is it block? 2) What is the way forward?
I like your counting Ladislav. The community is again cought with hands tied behind the back.
Rebolek it is blocking because it is there and it  has still good arguments to be the one and official distro. 2) I don't know exactly, I am not the person to decide, (not that good to make significant cotributions to the code) the community has to get together and reach an agreement. If other communities can than this one should certainly be able to do.
The way forward is to get the ball rolling. Even if it means integrating the Saphir and Atronix solutions to the Ren/C and or creating a complete new repo and integrate the progress from all others.
In any case try to escape this standoff.
What did happen to Earl? Nothing serious I hope? Hope he will be able to return his assignment, or pass it on to a committee of at least three persons.

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