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but my OS is windows 7
i am not using linux
Then you don't have to chmod, you just have to put it in the right directory.

thank you Arnold.... i van fetch data from database :) ...i am working on compare two values (value that is entered by user and value that is correct )...
do you know for comparing which aommand should i use?
command for comparing values in mysql database ????
hey guys... do you know how  we can check values of two tables in mysql?????!!!!
select * from table where answer = useranswer
select * form table1, table2 where table1.field = table2.field
Do you have google? Any MySQL tutorial out there holds the answer to your question.
Or want to compare from wihin your REBOL script? It is either [ left = right][do-something][do-else-thing].
i exactly meant that how we can use Mysql queries(checking two values in two different table) in Rebol script !!!!!
so you have put the users answer also in a mySQL table?
read both tablerows from the tables into different variables and compare the subfields of the returned rows result1/fielda result2/fielda

if  user wants insert values to table and it should save in database ,what is the command for that ???
this command is correct ???  :  insert db ["insert into data1 values (?)" myfields name]
guys ,i want insert data into database ,i wrote the following codes but no value save !!...  :(
#! "C:/wamp/bin/apache/Apache2.2.11/cgi-bin/rebol-core-278-3-1.exe" -cs
REBOL [Title: "Table"]
do %mysql-protocol.r
db: open mysql://root@localhost/test
insert db { DROP TABLE IF EXISTS data1;
create table data1 (
    oneone        varchar(1),
    onetwo        varchar(1),  
    onethree      varchar(1),      
    twoone        varchar(1),
    twothree      varchar(1),
    threeone      varchar(1),
    threetwo      varchar(1),
    threethree    varchar(1)
print "content-type: text/html^/"
print [<HTML><BODY>]
print [<form><input type="submit" value=" submit !" />]
print [<TABLE  bgcolor="black" border="1">]
print {<tr bgcolor="white">
<td style="width:30px; height:30px;"><input name="oneone" type="text" size="1">}
insert db ["insert into data1 (oneone) values (?)" ]
results: copy db
print {</td>}
i do not know what  i should write for values(?)... plz help
i tried that link but no value save in database ... :(
my form should get value from <input name="oneone" type="text">....
in values(?) i should put what???? as i said it should get value from <input ...> !!!!!!

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