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in values(?) i should put what???? as i said it should get value from <input ...> !!!!!!
insert db ["insert into data1 values(?)" value-here]
insert db-port [{
    INSERT INTO table1 (First, LastName, Title, Phone)
            values (?, ?, ?, ?)
    } fname lname title phone
you see? The use four ? ? ? ?, and after the string { }, there are four values fname lname title phone
i completely underestand !!!! but  fname,lname,title,phone are string and before query ,they are defiend as : fname: "Johnny"
lname: "Johnson"
title: "President"
phone: "(707) 555-1212"
i have <input ....>,how should i define it as string????
i should write like  fname:<input name="oneone" type="text" size="1">????
what do you want exactly to be put into the database field?
when i write like this :print [<form><input type="submit" value=" submit !" />]
print [<TABLE  bgcolor="black" border="1">]
print {<tr bgcolor="white">
<td style="width:30px; height:30px;"><input name="oneone" type="text" size="1">}
insert db ["insert into data1(oneone) values(c)"]
results: copy db
print {</td>}
it saves c to database
but it will not save user input
yes, you have basically two options:
1) work with string - insert db {insert into data1 ....} - you simply construct the DB string directly
2) work with block - insert db ["initial string here, contatining values(?)" value] - which allows to work with rebol blocks and evaluate some things ...
so in your case it should be:
insert db ["insert into data1(oneone) values(?)" "c"]
or something like:
value: "c"
insert db ["insert into data1(oneone) values(c)" value]
but value should not be as constant ! when user put character it should save in values ,now plz tell me how should i write ? i should write like : value:"c"
ishould write like : value :<input ...> ?
@Peker : i am using option one ,but i does not save any value ...
you want to save value from the form into the db?

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